Popcorn inclusions

Kibbled toffee coated popcorn inclusions have been developed by Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) to bring a tasty twist to bakery products, a counterpoint to smooth ice cream and a crunch to beverages.

Brexit strikes

Panic struck in the UK last week as a price row resulted in dozens of Unilever brands being pulled from Tesco’s online shop, including British favourite Marmite.

Oatvita is already available in the market

  Oatvita is already commercialised in Portugal and Spain. This innovative food ingredient, developed as a fermented oat base to the food and beverage industry, is already commercialised through an oat drink at Carrefour Spain and Continente Portugal and also in a limited edition/production in a fruit & oat smoothie in the Portuguese market. Oatvita […]

The Brit pack

From bangers and mash and fish and chips to a traditional Sunday roast, there are many iconic British foods, but now Walkers and Heinz have teamed up to launch a range of crisps that might even out-British afternoon tea.

What’s your flavour?

UK consumers are predicted to purchase 337 million litres of ice cream from retail channels this year and if you’re a chocolate lover, then you’re in luck – for the first time in eight years, there have been more new ice cream products launched with a chocolate flavour than any other.


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