Cucumber named flavour of the year

Cucumber named flavour of the year

Firmenich has announced cucumber as its 2017 ‘Flavour of the Year’ based on the growing appeal of the refreshing flavour.

According to Chris Millington, president of Firmenich’s Flavour Division, the growing demand for refreshing, clean and healthy food and beverages is driving cucumber’s surge in popularity.

“Our trend insights show that consumers are really enjoying lighter, refreshing ‘green’ flavours, such as cucumber. We anticipate and respond to these needs by continuing to deliver healthy and novel taste solutions to match,” he says.

“Vegetables in general are becoming more accepted as flavours and ingredients, sometimes even replacing fruit in traditionally sweet categories such as ice cream and cereal. This is why we predict that 2017 will really see the mild cucumber become a big hitting new favourite.”

The cucumber is gaining traction around the world, with a 392% increase in its use as a flavour globally between 2011 and 2016. Its natural notes also reflect the new shift in consumer preferences toward products that offer a sense of well being and refreshment.

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