Oatvita is already available in the market


Oatvita is already commercialised in Portugal and Spain.

This innovative food ingredient, developed as a fermented oat base to the food and beverage industry, is already commercialised through an oat drink at Carrefour Spain and Continente Portugal and also in a limited edition/production in a fruit & oat smoothie in the Portuguese market.

Oatvita is a food ingredient composed by an oat fermented base (aqueous phase), soluble and adjustable to multiple applications. Because of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, and in addition to the benefits of flavour and creaminess, Oatvita contributes to reducing cholesterol, to balance the intestinal flora, to increased satiety, while having low calorie and being suitable for people intolerant to lactose or gluten.

This ingredient integrates easily into most manufacturing conditions and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Derived from its proprietary process, Oatvita has unique organoleptic and texture properties namely clean taste, neutral colour, no graininess, smooth and creamy. When it is incorporated in an end product Oatvita enhances and reinforces its taste and nutritious properties, benefiting naturally healthy and tasty food.

Oatvita is a multi purpose B2B food ingredient to market to the end producers of the food industry, namely for drinks, type yogurts, desserts and ice creams. The manufacturing process and composition of this ingredient are clean label, and it is not used any chemical or enzymatic treatment or artificial additives.

5ensesinfood, SA is a startup originally supported by Cotec which aims to lead innovation in oat food ingredients following the market trend in the demand for functional, healthy and tasty foods.

New market entries in other food segments are expected to happen along 2016 and 2017, namely in the ice cream and type yogurt industries.


For more information: Raquel Gorjão – raquel.gorjao@empower.pt ; Silvana Paules – silvana.paules@empower.pt

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