Hey vegans, don’t milk it!

Now, I’m all for people making lifestyle choices (I, for example, go boxing several times a week, drink wine rather more frequently than that, enjoy the odd chicken curry but also love a mushroom risotto). But no one really needs to know that. Why would anyone care?

So forgive me for having zero patience with vegan activists who stormed a coffee shop this week, holding up images of pregnant cows and shouting about ‘abuse’ in the dairy industry in a bid to put people off having milk in their coffee.

They are, of course, entitled to their views (as the joke goes, why did the vegan cross the road? To tell someone he was a vegan!)  But so, too, are those trying to enjoy a hot drink in peace.

It’s interesting, also, that a new survey by nutrition company Royal DSM reveals that while more and more consumers are adding plant-based food and beverages to their diet, their main reason for doing so is personal health (followed by sustainability).

No mention of pregnant cows, then.

Frankly, I don’t care what people may choose to eat – and what they choose to avoid.

But what I would choose to avoid is a placard-waving activist telling me how to live my life.

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One response to “Hey vegans, don’t milk it!”

  1. Neil says:

    I guess that’s what makes them activists !

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