Healthy freeze dried snacks

Amongst the new products arriving to the snacking sector in the wake excessive sugar consumption warnings is Nothing But’s freeze dried fruit and vegetable snack packs.

Introduced by The Premium Snack Company, they are available in six flavours and offer a healthy option in a sector traditionally dominated by sweets, crisps and nuts. The flavour combinations are:

  • Sliced beetroot and parsnip
  • Pea and sweetcorn
  • Mange tout and red pepper
  • Strawberry and banana
  • Pineapple and grape
  • Apple and fig.

David Street, marketing manager at The Premium Snack Company, says, “With many consumers now eating lunch on the go or sat at a desk, the demand for retailers to provide good, wholesome food that is convenient and easy to consume has skyrocketed – and freeze drying could be the answer.”

The freeze drying process extracts solely the water from products. This ensures that almost all of the natural flavours and nutritional content are retained and eliminates the need for manufacturers to compensate for a diminished taste by adding further flavouring or sweetening.

Street continues, “With this in mind, consumers can have complete confidence that what they’re eating doesn’t contain any hidden surprises. Nothing But packs contain 100% fruit and vegetables, equivalent to one portion of the recommended five a day, and are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets.”

For retailers, freeze dried products offer a viable solution to some of the common and complex issues associated with fresh produce – namely waste management. Unlike fresh produce, freeze dried ingredients will not deteriorate in transit or storage, allowing them to be stored for longer periods of time without a compromise on quality, making them an ideal addition to supermarket shelves.

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