Sauces handle the heat

Frutarom Savory Solutions has launched new heat stable sauces, which can be easily applied to snacks, wraps or dishes as they remain viscous during heating.

The new products are free from monosodium glutamate and sodium benzoate, and are halal suitable.

Two versions are currently available: a Scandinavian style emulsion sauce, which has a bell pepper and onion base, complemented with additional spices; and a Mexican version, which features a mild tomato base with ingredients such as bell pepper and a hint of chilli.

Both sauces are extremely versatile and can be combined with pork, beef, poultry, seafood, vegetables and meat analogues.

Thanks to their freeze stability, snacks prepared with the heat stable sauces can be frozen and reheated when needed; they retain their emulsifying properties and do not separate.

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