Plant based, plastic free gum launches into Waitrose

Nuud (, a new plant based, plastic free, biodegradable and sugar-free chewing gum on a mission to rid the world of the plastic gum that sticks to your shoe and outlives you, has launched across the UK into Waitrose.

Nuud is a revolutionary brand, looking to positively change the chewing gum game, and educate consumers about the amount of single-use plastic within regular gum (as much as a drinking straw in one piece)! Nuud’s mission is to shine a spotlight on the plastic waste and litter issues associated with regular gum and to offer a natural, sustainable alternative.

100% plastic free is key for Nuud – as most gum brands quietly contain plastics hidden under the term ‘gum base’ within their ingredients. All ingredients in Nuud come from plants, not plastic – and are biodegradable and vegan. Instead of using plastic in its gum base, Nuud uses a sustainably harvested tree sap called Chicle, which helps gum to biodegrade naturally, just like a banana skin.

All Nuud is naturally sweetened with Xylitol to help protect teeth. Coming from the bark of birch and beech trees, Xylitol is Oral Health Foundation approved to reduce tooth decay and can even reverse decay by helping to replace the minerals in tooth enamel.

Nuud is available in two flavours: Peppermint and Spearmint, with Peppermint being available nationwide at Waitrose and online at £1.50 per pack, and both flavours available via at £15 per 12 pack.

Customers will be able to buy individual packs from Waitrose and, but gum enthusiasts can sign up to Nuud’s gum subscription on their website and get two trial packs for free. Nuud will then deliver a regular package of gum, depending on how much their customer chews.

“Most people don’t know that regular chewing gum is made of single-use plastic and isn’t compostable,” says Keir Carnie, founder of Nuud. “The government spends around £100 million a year cleaning up gum from our streets. We want to tackle this and effect a whole scale change in behaviour when it comes to chewing gum.”

Leyla Page, Waitrose confectionery buyer, comments: “Our customers are increasingly more aware of the impact their choices have on the planet and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them this plastic free, plant-based chewing gum to support them in making choices that are kinder to the world around us.”

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