Vegetarian omega-3 from LycoRed

LycoRed has launched what it’s calling ‘a new and innovative vegetarian omega-3’ for the bakery and confectionery industries. Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL is, it says, free from fish odour and produced only from the highest quality DHA algae oil, making it especially suitable for vegetarians.

“Following the latest publication by EFSA on Article 13.1, which included positive opinions on the use of DHA, we are confident that our Lyc-Omega 10AL will be proven to be the best choice of omega-3 for the food industry,” claims Udi Alroy, VP global marketing & sales at LycoRed. “It’s not only the taste and quality that are important, but also the positive opinion of EFSA. We succeeded in creating unique omega-3 formula thanks to our proprietary microencapsulation technology. It provides all the health benefits of omega-3 derived from fish, with perfect bland taste for a wide range of applications.”

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