Aspartame study findings published

The UK Food Standards Agency has published the findings of a study carried out by Hull York Medical School, determining reactions to aspartame in people who have reported symptoms in the past compared to people with no reported symptoms.

The study concluded that the participants who were self-diagnosed as sensitive to aspartame showed no difference in their response after consuming a cereal bar, whether it contained aspartame or not. The study looked at various factors including psychological testing, clinical observations, clinical biochemistry and also metabolomics (which is the scientific study of small molecules generated by the process of metabolism).

The Hull/York paper was peer reviewed by the Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) in December 2013. COT concluded that “the results presented did not indicate any need for action to protect the health of the public”.

Guy Poppy, FSA chief scientific advisor, says, “While the best available evidence shows that aspartame can be consumed safely, a number of individuals have reported adverse reactions after consuming food and drink containing aspartame. Given this anecdotal evidence it was appropriate to see if more could be found out about these reported effects. The Hull/York study was not designed to evaluate the overall safety of aspartame as it is already an approved additive.”

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  1. The Sweetener Council says:

    As reported above, the body of evidence demonstrates that there is no concern about the safety of aspartame for consumption at suggested levels. Before approval as a food additive, these products must undergo rigorous safety testing and review of evidence. Major regulatory agencies concluded that aspartame is safe to use as a food additive. The most recent review was completed by the European Food Safety Authority in 2010. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) study, reviewed here, demonstrates that there are no grounds for claims of adverse effects from aspartame. For more information, check out these helpful links:
    The European Food Safety Authority:

    Health Canada:

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