New protein for cooked meat

New protein for cooked meat

A new protein from clean label starch specialist Ulrick & Short can increase manufacturing yield whilst retaining moisture in all types of chopped and reformed meats.

Complex F, which is the latest addition to the company’s Complex range, improves texture while enhancing in-process moisture retention and ensuring increased yield for cooked meat products such as sausages, burgers and other foodservice items – especially those served from heated counters which face added challenges from drying out.

As well as foodservice, this new protein will be of particular benefit to manufacturers of ready meals and snacks including meatballs and chicken nuggets. Complex F can also help with label simplification, giving manufacturers the opportunity to consolidate ingredient lists.

Ulrick & Short director, Adrian Short, says, “Ulrick & Short already has an unrivalled reputation for improving functionality and cutting costs for a wide range of processed meat – and meat alternative – manufacturers in the UK and beyond.

“We’re very proud of Complex F, our latest ingredient that helps to increase product yield without compromise on moisture retention and, ultimately, taste. It’s the perfect complement to our growing range of cost cutting, texture and taste enhancing ingredients for meat processors worldwide.”

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