Printing prime labels with Primera’s LX-series

On-demand and in-house label printing has grown from being exotic to something that manufacturers of all types and sizes use frequently or even exclusively. Not only smaller manufacturers are in need of short- to medium-run, full-colour customised product labels as a way to increase their sales numbers by making their products stand out through innovative packaging and labelling. It also allows manufacturers of all sizes to offer private label goods in smaller quantities, as the industry realized that offering personalised products is a great sales tool that can add to the success of a product.

But finding a cost-effective and convenient way to produce high-quality, colour labels has not been easy. Primera Technology, a leading manufacturer of high quality laser- and inkjet-based label printers, has successfully developed short to medium-run label solutions. Using intelligent technology, Primera creates systems that can design, print and finish labels of any shape or form.

“Smaller companies usually start with pre-designed or even handmade labels, but when they get bigger they need to professionalise the label production,” says Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of Primera’s EMEA office Primera Technology Europe. “For start-up and small business our entry-level colour label printers LX500e and LX900e are the best choice.”

LX500e, the newest addition to the well-known LX-series printers, utilises a new print engine that doubles the maximum print speed from 25mm per second to 51mm per second. The capacity of the tri-colour ink cartridge is higher and an optional built-in cutter is available.

As the most recent variety, the LX2000e represents a new generation of mid-range inkjet label printer with its cost-effective separate CMYK pigment inks, which are BS5609 Section 3 certified and have the ability to produce UV, chemicals and water resistant labels with great efficiency. LX2000e is suitable for desktop and heavy-duty applications as it prints full-colour at up to 152.4mm (6”) per second. LX2000e prints onto many different inkjet-qualified label materials including high, semi-gloss and matte papers, white and clear polyesters and BS5609 Section 2 certified substrates. Printed labels are waterproof, highly scratch, smudge and tear-resistant.

All LX-series models are equipped with everything that’s needed from designing to printing labels, including two label design software applications. Those applications offer extra features such as modified templates, variable data and any barcode type. But as any other preferred design program can be used to print labels directly from, users are flexible in the choice of software. As printed labels can include photos, graphics, illustrations, text and barcodes, there’s virtually no limit in creating the perfect label for your product.

Ordering massive quantities of pre-printed labels is no longer needed, there’s no lead time and no set-up charges, either. Design changes can be accomplished immediately so there’s no wasted inventory – as only the labels are printed that are needed when there are needed – no matter it be 1, 1000 or 10,000 labels.

“The label market is continuously growing and we are looking to expand into new markets,” concluded Andreas. “Companies are now realising they need more than just a standard label and we offer solutions that give them the flexibility and right tools to produce labels exactly the way they are needed.”

Because of its great flexibility and high performance promise, Primera’s label printing equipment is popular with manufacturers and private labellers across different sectors. The printers and accessories have been widely utilised by those within the food & beverage, health, security, medical, commercial and industrial markets (to name a few examples).

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