Protein product boom

Protein content is fast becoming one of the key areas of activity in new product development in the food and drinks industry. Nearly 4% of global launches recorded by Innova Market Insights in the 12 months to end of June 2015 used a high in or source of protein positioning, rising to nearly 8% in the dairy sector and 14% in the yogurt category.

Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at Innova Market Insights, says, “Dairy products have always had an inherently healthy image and a perception of high protein levels, so it is a sector that has been able to adapt relatively rapidly to this rising interest in protein, in some cases by simply changing its labelling and/or positioning.

“High protein foods are one of the most sought after nutritional choices of the moment and the dairy sector appears to be extremely well placed to benefit. Yogurts and milk drinks are the current leaders in terms of activity, but there may also be opportunities in other products such as cheese, particularly soft and fresh products.”



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