Beverage manufacturing businesses on the rise

According to data compiled by Swinton Business in its Industry Trends Report, the UK beverage manufacturing industry has seen substantial growth, with the overall number of registered businesses almost doubling in just seven years.

  • From 2010 to 2017, the number of businesses manufacturing beverages has grown from 1,155 to 2,270.
  • Millennials trend for craft alcohol has seen demand increase for small-batch beer, cider and gin.
  • In summer 2015, there were 1,431 microbreweries in Britain, up from 1,092 two years earlier.
  • London has seen a substantial 382% increase in beverage manufacturers and in the City of Westminster, a 400% increase.

The report highlights that this industry success is not limited to the capital. Winemaking has taken off in the South East in recent years, with an increasing number of vineyards popping up in places like Winchester and Wealden, which have both seen beverage manufacturing businesses grow by 200%.

In the non-alcoholic beverage sector, it’s clear to see that demand has also grown for healthier drinks such as smoothies, low-calorie and low-sugar drinks.

Future trends suggest continued popularity for products such as craft soft drinks for the adult market.

Swinton Business, part of insurance broker Swinton Group, has a detailed breakdown of the rapid growth and the future prospects of the beverage manufacturing industry since 2010 in its comprehensive business trends report:

Richard Beaven, distribution director at Swinton Business, says, “Over recent years, the UK economy has faced significant challenges and uncertainty, so it is heartening to see that the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit is still strong.

“Our business trends report explores how start-up businesses make a significant contribution to the economy and have the potential to help drive future growth. Key industries such as the beverage manufacturing sector are essential to further success in the UK business scene moving forward. With continued developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, there is confidence in continued industry growth.”

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