Possible goji berry ban

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is seeking evidence of consumption of goji berries, the small red fruit from Asia, in Europe before 1997 after enquiries from food businesses on whether the berries can be sold legally in the European Union.

If they are considered a ‘novel’ food, they will need to be authorised before they can be sold.
In the EU, a food is judged to be novel if it was not eaten in a significant quantity in Europe before May 1997 and new foods must be shown to meet three criteria, before they can be authorised for sale. They must not be unsafe, their labelling must not be misleading and their nutritional quality must not be inferior to other similar foods that they could replace.
Until now no significant history of consumption has been found. If no new evidence comes to light before 23 March, goji berries will be considered novel and cannot be sold legally until they have been applied for and formally authorised. So far, though, there are no immediate safety concerns over goji berries.

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