Videos hope to inspire next generation

Britain’s food and drink producers must ramp up efforts to attract the next generation of nutrition experts, development chefs and innovation specialists if they are to continue leading the world in developing new, exciting and healthier products, says the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

With National Careers Week in mind, the FDF partnered with some of the country’s most successful brands – including Nestlé UK & Ireland, Kellogg’s, Premier Foods, Cargill, McCain Foods, apetito, Coca-Cola Great Britain, PepsiCo UK & Ireland and Birds Eye – to produce a series of behind the scenes short films that aim to build awareness of the people and processes involved in creating the food and drink on sale today.

Click the links below to watch the short films:

The films will be screened at the food industry hub at the Big Bang Young Science & Engineers annual event, taking place 11-15 March at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

Jim Moseley, interim director general of the FDF, says, “Few people in the UK public are aware of the nutrition experts, development chefs and innovation specialists involved in making the food in their kitchen cupboards.

“These sector experts are constantly working to develop new products with new flavours or new ideas and using ingredients that give consumers variety and healthier options. In stark contrast to the cult of celebrity chefs, little is known of the years of development that goes into perfecting products that people continue to enjoy as part of their daily life.

“The aim of these films is for FDF to showcase the people and processes involved in modern food production. Nine of the UK’s most successful companies explain their role in changing recipes for health, developing innovative new products and expanding choice for consumers.

“These films are just the latest initiative in FDF’s award winning careers campaign to attract a talented future workforce into this world leading sector.”

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