Free-from solutions

Free-from solutions

Distributed by Brenntag Food & Nutrition on behalf of Dow Pharma & Food Solutions, Dow has recently launched the Wellence range of cellulose based gums optimised for a specific, health related application. There are three products designed for use in batter systems: Wellence Fat Reduction Batter 60, 900 and 500. Using these products allows the producer to remove other gums like xanthan gum and guar gum, and in validate independent trials 30% reductions in fat pick up have been achieved.

For the gluten-free bakery market, and in particular the bread sector, Dow has also introduced Wellence Gluten Free 321, designed to allow for the leavening of the dough to obtain crumb structure and volume comparable to wheat bread.

In the meat-free sector, Dow has offered the Methocel MX product for some time as a binding system for reformed vegetarian burgers and sausages. It has recently introduced two new products, Methocel Bind 112 and 092, which are designed for use as high gel egg albumin replacers. Trials show Methocel Bind to be very effective in products made with frozen vegetables as the key components: an addition rate of 1% Bind will replace 3% egg albumin on a dry basis.

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