Chr. Hansen launches range of Viniflora products

uhm_08Chr Hansen is launching new range of Viniflora products for red wine producers reversing the classical scheme of fermentation management in wines.

Production of red wine requires alcoholic fermentation where yeasts transform sugars into ethanol and some flavours. This is traditionally followed by the malolactic fermentation where lactic acid bacteria transform malic acid into lactic acid, and a second layer of fermentation related flavors.

“Our approach with Viniflora NoVA is totally opposite; what we now offer to winemakers is to manage their malolactic fermentation in the grape juice before the alcoholic fermentation: A complete change of paradigm,” explains Laurent Hubert, marketing director, Wine & Fermented beverages, Chr. Hansen.

The new range allows for a dramatically reduced fermentation time and risk of spoiling. With NoVA the malolactic fermentation if managed in one to three days as opposed to three to 12 weeks. The wines go through malolactic and alcoholic fermentation within 10 days and are then microbiologically stable.

NoVA has launched in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria for the 2014 vintage. After this it will be available worldwide.

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