FMCG trends for the year ahead

Canadean has highlighted some of the trends to watch out for in fast moving consumer goods in 2016.

In the food and drink industry, the predictions include:

  • Protein from plants, not animals – protein has been a superstar in the food industry for some time, but storm clouds are gathering over animal-based protein
  • Fat is back – fat is being promoted as a health enhancing ingredient in unexpected categories, such as bottled water. FATwater functional water, a recent US launch, contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) derived from coconut oil, for example.
  • Soft drinks get hard – filling a gap between sweet alcopops and more sophisticated drinks like beer, wine or spirits, ‘hard sodas’ will be a trend to watch in 2016
  • Food you can drink – recent developments like drinkable peanut powder and expanding innovation in drinkable soups are boosting the drinkable meal concept
  • Small is beautiful – ‘big’ isn’t what it used to be. Consumers are showing their growing love for smaller brands and products from smaller companies
  • Say hello to GMO 2.0 – longer shelf life, reduced food waste and more efficient use of natural resources collectively make an increasingly ‘green’ case for new generation GMOs
  • Sweet on sour – sour flavours could be the next big flavour trend, with sour flavours breaking out in everything from candy and beer to vegetables
  • Permissive indulgence – adding healthful, ‘better for you’ iconic health ingredients to indulgent foods is a new trend that is gaining momentum.

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