Schur Group exhibits at FachPack

The Schur Flexibles Group exhibited its new ranges at FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany in September.

Choosing the optimal packaging for food of all kinds and for non-food products is becoming increasingly important, understanding these demands the group has unveiled the SuperThin programme.

This includes a variety of ultra-thin aluminium solutions used for packaging meat, cheese, dairy products, confectionery and snacks. Thanks to this technology considerable savings in material can be achieved that bring profits, this can be done through increased efficiency in production and more sustainability in comparison with conventional applications. The thin reversed printed aluminium layer covers the printing ink, preventing the packaged product coming into contact with the printing and thus ensuring maximum food safety.

Reacting to a strong trend in the sector, the group also presented its SkinFreshTop, a flexible skin top film. Thanks to modern barrier technologies, skin packaging products achieve a longer shelf life, captivate due to high quality optics and can be presented to attract attention either standing or hanging at retail.

The films can be implemented among others for food applications and can be utilised for a broad product spectrum, from protein rich fresh products such as poultry, meat and fish through to cook and cured processed meats and cheeses. They are available in various thicknesses of 80 µm to 200 µm and withstand high mechanical strengths.

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