Life’s too short for slow proteins

Arla Foods Ingredients has unveiled a new generation of whey hydrolysates set to take these proteins into the mainstream sports nutrition market for the first time.

Whey hydrolysates are premium proteins that have been finely chopped – or pre-digested – so they are absorbed more quickly by the body than standard proteins.

The portfolio of mildly hydrolysed whey protein products promises all the performance and recovery benefits of hydrolysates in a cost effective format that delivers greater application flexibility, convenience and an improved flavour profile.

Targeting casual and fitness lifestyle users of sports nutrition, the products in the new range include: Lacprodan Hydro.clear, for crystal clear beverages; Lacprodan Hydro.milk, for producing 100 per cent whey based milky, high protein drinks; Lacprodan Hydro.gel, tailored for use in protein gels; and Lacprodan Hydro.power, for use in powder shake applications.

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