Health and wellness for consumers and business

Health and wellness for consumers and business

In its biggest brand launch in 20 years, Mars Chocolate UK is confirming what we already knew – healthy snacking is big business. Ticking the sharing, on the go and fruit and nut trend boxes, the company says the new bar suits consumers’ busy lifestyles.

Available in three varieties: Cranberry & Almond; Blueberry & Almond; and Apple, Peanut & Almond, GoodnessKnows comes in four snackable squares containing fruit, whole nuts and rolled oats and is dipped in dark chocolate. The shareable bar, available in the UK next month, can be eaten all at once or broken up through the day, the company says. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the treat contains less than 160 calories and is described as a treat with good intentions.

Michele Oliver, VP – marketing – Mars Chocolate UK, says, “Following a successful launch in the US last year where it became the third largest brand in its first six months, we’re thrilled to launch GoodnessKnows in the UK.

“GoodnessKnows has been created to fit in with people’s busy lifestyles, coming in four squares that can be enjoyed all at once or eaten throughout the day.”

Market research provider Euromonitor International says consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy weight in prevention of diseases such as diabetes, so minimising sugar and calorie intake is high on consumers’ agenda.

Wiebke Schoon, food analyst at Euromonitor, says, “Mars’ GoodnessKnows bar taps into a lot of current trends. Making fruit and nuts their main ingredients appeals to consumers looking for products with a health and wellness and natural positioning. Their bite size hits the nerve of time and provides a feeling of portion control. The combination with dark chocolate positions it as an indulgent product that may to some extent blur the line between chocolate confectionery and snack bars.”

And while the confectionery giant is responding to consumer demand with the new bar, the launch also makes business sense. In the UK, chocolate confectionery has registered a one per cent value compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2012-2017 period, compared to four per cent over the same period for snacks bars. Over the years 2017-2022, Euromonitor expects chocolate confectionery to decline with a minus one per cent CAGR in constant value terms, while snack bars are expected to continue to see a positive four per cent constant value CAGR in the UK.

Schoon continues, “Understandably, Mars wants to secure its slice of this growing category.

“With chocolate confectionery not facing the best prospects, it is a good idea for Mars to diversify and put more emphasis on categories in which we expect stronger growth.”

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