Britvic overhaul

I was recently invited to a Britvic Soft Drinks press event, which introduced us to several innovations from the drinks company including new packaging and products across its brands in the UK.

Identifying key trends in consumer behaviour, commercial director at Britvic Soft Drinks, Nigel Paine, explained that the dynamics of adult socialising are changing, with such times being less formal than previously and appealing to more women than before. Furthermore, despite less money, consumers are happy to pay more for premium experiences. As a result, the company is continuing to drive development of the soft drinks category by enhancing its adult packaged portfolio, ensuring it is the go to soft drinks supplier in the leisure channel.

The enhanced adult packaged portfolio includes:

  • Pepsi Max will be launching a new glass bottle with a dynamic glass design inspired by its heritage. It is available in both 330ml for ‘with food’ occasions, as well as 200ml for mixing with spirits
  • 7Up Free will be available in a heritage style 330ml glass bottle, designed to target females within a food-focused environment
  • Lipton Ice Tea will re-launch in 2015 with 33 per cent less sugar. The new 330ml glass bottle will launch this April in peach flavour
  • Ballygowan, the market leading natural mineral water brand in Ireland, is launching in Great Britain in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles
  • Purdey’s, a blend of botanical extracts with vitamins, spring water and fruit juice, will re-launch in 2015, updating and enhancing the brand’s status as a premium drink
  • V Water, a sugar-free choice with added vitamins and no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavourings or preservatives, has a new label showcasing a clear, bold, and bright look
  • J₂O is launching J₂O Spritz, a lightly sparkling blend of fruits and bubbles, which has a similar texture to sparkling wine or champagne. Crafted especially for adult social occasions, it is designed to be served chilled in a champagne flute and is available in three flavours – pear and raspberry, apple and watermelon and peach and apricot. Available in both a 750ml bottle for grocery and 275ml for leisure outlets, the range is targeted at 25 to 35 year old men and women who enjoy social get togethers.

To introduce us to the J₂O Spritz range, we were treated to a sensory immersive experience on behalf of the House of Gastrophonic – an award winning designer and producer of sensory immersive experiences that explore the connections between the taste and aromas found in food and drink, music and colour. In order to enhance the blend of bubbles and crisp fruit flavours in the new range of drinks, three different environments had been created to balance flavour, colour and sound in a sophisticated yet sociable setting while we enjoyed each flavour.

At the time of tasting, my favourite was peach and apricot. I’ll have to try the drinks again to see if I have the same opinion away from the sensory setting!


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