Sweets and snacks take centre stage

Sweets and snacks take centre stage

ProSweets and ISM opened their doors in Cologne, Germany, today where the four-day trade show combines both packaging and processing solutions for confectionery applications alongside an extensive end product offering from sweets and snacks manufacturers.

Ishida bridged the gap by inviting manufacturers to bring their products along for an x-ray inspection. Using the IX-GA on its stand, Ishida is performing quality control checks testing for foreign substances, product defects and improper weight.

The company is also showing its Micro Weigher – a small multihead weigher ideal for small weighments, such as confectionery. It delivers speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute, with an accuracy within 0.01g on packs weighing between 0.5g and 40g.

Natural colour specialist GNT was proving you don’t have to compromise on colour brilliance when developing natural, health focused foods.

With its popcorn snacking concept, the company combined its colour intensive fruit, vegetable and plant concentrates to deliver a product concept that taps into both the healthy snacks on the go trend and the ever popular ‘clean label’ demand.

Barry Callebaut’s stand has taken on the form of a studio this year to encourage inspiration, new ideas and the meeting of creative minds.

Also delivering on the snack trend, the company’s Choc37.9 was one of the concepts on show (pictured). Formulated into a chocolate nibble range for the occasion, Choc37.9 enables the creation of chocolate products that don’t melt, answering consumer demand for chocolate snacks which can be carried around in handbags, for example, without spoiling during the day.

The melting profile of Choc37.9 reaches peaks up to 4° higher than normal chocolate and more than the human body temperature, making it the perfect base for chocolate experiences on the go.


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