Omega builds on sugar-alternative success with ΩMegaSweet Extra launch

Following the implementation of the Sugar Tax this month, natural flavour creator Omega Ingredients is celebrating a successful year for its 100% natural sugar alternative, ΩMegaSweet and launching its next generation formulation, ΩMegaSweet Extra

According to Omega, the key benefit of its ΩMegaSweet Extra is that it can naturally reduce sugar content by up to 50%. ΩMegaSweet was developed by biochemist Steve Pearce and the team at Omega to be a calorie-free, 100% natural offering.

The natural flavour technology is available in liquid and powdered applications. Following its 2017 release, Omega has announced that it is now being used worldwide in products such as ice cream, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), dairy products, bakery items and cakes, breakfast cereals, high sugar staples such as baked beans and sugar high condiments like ketchup.

ΩMegaSweet’s formulation also allows for manufacturers to “clean label” products as a natural flavour, rather than the traditional declaration of “sweetener” or “artificial sweetener”. The same can be applied to ΩMegaSweet Extra, which can be still be declared as natural flavouring according to Regulation (EC) No. 1334/2008 and “Sweetener: Steviol glycosides” on ingredient label declarations.

Steve Pearce, co-founder, comments, “Since the announcement of the sugar tax, brands across the globe have had to address the sugar content across their ranges. That’s why we designed ΩMegaSweet – to combat the challenges faced by the food and drink industries.

“The feedback we’ve had from companies that are already using ΩMegaSweet is overwhelmingly positive; they’re delighted with the results. It is a huge benefit to the industry that products like ΩMegaSweet allows them maintain a natural label declaration, especially as we enter a new era of ultra-transparency.”

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