New Sweetech flavours reduce sugar levels in food and beverages

Bell Flavours and Fragrances has announced the introduction of Sweetech technology as a flavour enhancer alternative for the food and beverage industry.

Sweetech flavours provide an alternative to nutritive and high intensity sweeteners, comprising a range of flavours that deliver a profile similar to sucrose.

Health issues related to excessive sugar consumption are just one of the factors increasing the need for alternatives to traditional nutritive sweeteners such as sucrose and corn syrup. Ingredient labels, nutritional panels, and increasing consumer awareness are all prompting a need for new ingredients and methods for delivering sweetness to food and beverages.

Sensory testing has shown that Sweetech flavours can support reduction of sugar in foods and beverages by 20-50%, with no significant difference in taste. They can also improve the performance of high intensity sweeteners by helping to mask any bitter or undesirable taste.

Available in liquid and powder form, Sweetech flavours are effective in a wide variety of product applications and manufacturing processes, including: bakery, confectionary, dairy, beverage, and savoury products.

Aaron Graham, vice president of technical services at Bell Flavours & Fragrances says, “Our strategy is to provide value to customers by leveraging our passion for taste and innovation to create unique sweetness solutions that contribute to greater health and nutrition, while tasting great.”

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