The Dairy Industries Expo 2023: key takeaways

The Dairy Industries Expo 2023 is a premier event showcasing emerging trends and innovative insights from the dairy processing industry. Suzanne Christiansen, editor of Dairy Industries International, made note of the important takeaways so that we can keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

The Dairy Industries Expo 2023 is over and what a thrilling few days it was in Harrogate. The inaugural event 4-5 October, drew hundreds of visitors, despite the transport strikes and rainy weather, to the Harrogate Convention Centre.

The attendees were treated to a dairy-centric show with seminars ranging from pH measurement sensors being thrown down an aisle to prove their indestructability (thank you Holger Schmidt of Mettler Toledo) to freeze dried ice cream (Helen Ashworth of New Zealand’s Cuddon Freeze Dry) and squeezy cows (Kersia, J&E Hall) being dispensed on the aisles. BV Dairy discussed its long-established solar panels and anaerobic digester system with visitors, while Masterpack Group’s very large bulk bag system greeted those walking in. Not to mention Urschel’s range of cutters and dicers, or Penmann (a Yorkshire company) and Clauger with cooling systems for dairy products, towering over all at the back of the venue.

Our sponsors, the Society of Dairy Technology, held their annual general meeting here and provided us with a lot to think about and plan for, in president Nick Edwards’ presentation on 5 October.

We kicked off the show with Razan Alsous from Yorkshire Dama Cheese and her amazing journey from Syria to Yorkshire. But there were so many others to see and hear in the hall, with Byworth Boilers having an actual boiler on-stand, and International Water Solution’s disinfection technology showcased.

How about Water Technology’s disinfectants and chemicals, or Stable Micro Systems’ texture analysis and scientific instruments? At Sycamore Process Engineering, it was explained how its collective of companies, which included Wafilin Systems filtering and Au2Mate, made up its amazing systems for reverse osmosis and other filtration processes for dairy. Machinery World displayed its dairy, ice cream and food machinery.

It was all over so fast and it was so good of every exhibitor to show up, showcase their products for dairy visitors and to support us and the dairy industry. If we’ve missed you on this blog, rest assured you will be mentioned in Dairy Industries International, or on LinkedIn. We try and treat our founding exhibitors well.

People travelled to get there too. MoistTech hailed from Florida in the US, the Cuddon crew travelled from New Zealand, and Dr Ali Doost of FAM STUMABO came over from Belgium, while Kemtile’s speaker, Reed Goodwin, was visiting from Georgia, US and wound up presenting. Finally, Stephanie Poole of SEE, we did find your cheese in the end. Someone had taken it and tucked it away in a refrigerator when they were moving the podium.

Come back in 2024 and we’ll make sure we keep track of it.

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