IBA 2023: creativity and inspiration flourish

IBA returned this October to celebrate and showcase design excellence, innovation and creativity across the bakery sector.

The trade fair showcasing everything from machines that count the bubbles in bread (C-Cell Calibre Control) to using edible labels as a marketing tool (breAd) has every conceivable corner of the bakery sector covered.

IBA 2023: creativity and inspiration flourish

Image: Rodney Jack

The exhibition is a feast for all the senses, and provides unique experiences that surprise and delight visitors.

The event also brings together local artisans, as well as industry leaders, and bakery design enthusiasts since 22 to 26 October 2023.

This year’s diverse programme not only highlights the bakery equipment’s notable heritage, ingrained in the fabric of our daily lives, but also shines a spotlight on design talent helping manufacturers address costs as well as sustainability.

Highlights from the exhibition include:

  • Synchropack’s high speed rotary transfer machine capable of handling 200 slugs of biscuits per minute
  • AZO’s insights in improving raw materials handling efficiency
  • The Puratos sensobus
  • Baker Perkins’ Accurist2.1 Divider for product consistency.
  • Primera Technology showcasing Eddie, the Edible ink printer
  • Mecatherm helping to reduce carbon footprints
  • Fortuna with dough hydration technology
  • Beor producing many types of bread from a multi product line called Gaudi+
  • EcerBake with Zela greasing and spraying machines
  • MIWE – fantastic technology; fabulous food
  • Bandall with its Branding by banding concept on paper or film
  • Ashworth Bros – is conveyors, demos and smart monitoring systems
  • Automation of baked goods from Schubert
  • ait ingredients with the cost saver, Bake Xpress and a Soft Egg Replacer.

It’s incredible to witness a wealth of talent pursue excellence and drive innovation forward across the technologicak spectrum, driving improvements in this sector.

Explore this year’s exciting iba programme on iba’s website.

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