Lightweight, portable CIJ

Linx Printing Technologies has launched a compact and portable entry level continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer, capable of delivering two-line codes.

The Linx 10 will particularly appeal to smaller businesses that need to code products for the first time, or whose potential for business growth is hampered by the use of less flexible, non digital coding methods such as print and apply labelling, stamping or hand applied labels.

In addition, the portability of the printer means it can be used as a back up machine for experienced CIJ users, which can quickly be moved and set up wherever required.

The Linx 10 is around half the weight and footprint of other CIJ printers and features a carry handle and printhead dock. As well as its small size (53cm wide and 19cm deep), the printer can be mounted directly onto a conveyor or production line to save even more space.

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