Faerch launches packaging made from 100% recycled content

Faerch has expanded its Evolve range with the MAPET II and APET products for protein applications like fresh meat, poultry, fish and plant-based alternatives.

MAPET II Evolve by Faerch is designed for packing in industrialised settings, while the APET Evolve by Faerch range has been developed for in-store packaging.

Evolve by Faerch trays are made from 100% collected and recycled bottles and trays and can be fully recycled into new food trays without compromising on food safety or any other key measures. Due to production, the trays come in naturally fluctuating tones, reflecting the specific blend of recycled content that it is made from.

This clearly outlines to consumers that they have a sustainable choice, when selecting food packaged in Evolve by Faerch trays. It also guarantees that Evolve by Faerch trays are reliably detectable using today’s sorting systems, as they have already been detected before.

“Circularity in food packaging is not a distant vision for us,” said Lars Gade Hansen, CEO of Faerch Group. “We are doing this already – and on an industrial scale. We offer packaging solutions made from 100% recycled content, with no compromises on quality, which we recycle back into new food trays.

“On the journey towards circularity in food packaging, material choice is key,” he said. “The right material is an important enabler to ensure circularity. Evolve by Faerch trays provide consumers with the long-awaited guidance to easily choose food packaging that is made from recycled content. The unique look also reminds us that we should treat the tray as a valuable resource that we collect after use for recycling – again and again.”

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