Home bakers get the secrets to perfectly baked cakes

Multi award-winning bakery brand, Oast to Host, is sharing its secret flour formulas with home bakers everywhere following the release of two brand new flours.

  1. Pastry Flour, which has been blended to create perfectly crisp puff or shortcrust pastry.
  2. Cake Flour, which bakers can turn into a light fluffy cake sponge.

Like the entire Oast to Host product range, the two flour mixes are completely gluten free, wheat free and vegetarian.

Although the creation of the blended formulas is a closely guarded secret, Oast to Host does reveal that the range contains a blend of corn, rice, potato, xanthan and egg albumen.

Oast to Host Cake Flour creates a really moist light sponge, which is perfect for sponges cakes, sticky toffee pudding, scones, blinis and biscuits. 225g will make an 8” cake suitable for anything from lemon drizzle, to rich chocolate fudge cake, or Battenberg to coffee and walnut cake.

Oast to Host Pastry Flour creates a pastry finish, which is for experts or beginner bakers. The flour blend is extremely versatile as it can be made into sweet, plain or dairy free shortcrust, puff pastry, cheese-straws or shortbread

“Gluten free pastry is notoriously tricky to get right using the usual wheat replacement flours. Co-founder Claire and I have spent years iterating the recipe to get it absolutely perfect,” said Oast to Host co-founder Sally Black.

“We weren’t planning to launch our flours for retail until we were approached by a major supermarket, we know the customer demand is there and it’s time for us to share our secret. Already so many professional cooks, celebrity chefs, caterers and home cooks have come back to us with their positive feedback.”

The 450g range is available in environmentally friendly paper based recyclable packaging.

The flour range is available online RRP £4.00 for 450g cake flour, £4.50 for 450g pastry flour (minimum online order 2) or a smaller bag RRP £2.33 for 195g.

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