United Caps introduces tethered closure for carton packaging

United Caps is launching a highly effective and sustainable tethered closure for carton packaging, 23 H-PAK. This closure, which has patents pending, includes an innovative tamper-evident (TE) band that keeps all parts intact for easier recycling.

“We are pleased to be bringing to market one of the first tethered closures for carton packaging,” said CEO Benoit Henckes. “In addition to its ability to keep all parts intact for recycling, its super-strong hinge ensures the box-fresh experience consumers are looking for. It not only enhances the user experience but also helps to protect the environment, a critical R&D driver for United Caps.”

The 23 H-PAK tethered closure is designed to make an instant connection with established filling lines. According to the international manufacturer of caps and closures, 23 H-PAK comes with a clever first-time-use feature to create an optimal access point, enhancing the user experience. The cutting edge is specially designed to cut through the pre-laminated hole with minimal effort, providing a clean and smooth opening.

“One of the stand-out features of this new tethered closure,” Henckes added, “is its audible click when opening, a satisfying sound that lets consumers know their closure is in an open position – once opened, it is in the optimal position for use and the cap stays in position for the perfect pour”.

The closure consists of three pieces – the spout, closure and cutter, while other solutions in the market typically consist of four pieces. Fewer pieces means easier recycling. In addition to leading-edge tethering features, the 23 H-PAK is a highly cost-effective solution for cartons. Its lightweight design reduces exposure to plastic taxes and helps to reduce running costs for your business.

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