Crosta & Mollica launches fruit-filled Sorbetto Shells

Crosta & Mollica is now expanding its range as it introduces its new fruit-filled Sorbetto Shells, available in two flavours, Lemon and Pomegranate after entering into the frozen desserts category in 2022.

Crosta & Mollica’s new Sorbetto Shells are now available to purchase exclusively in selected Waitrose stores, RRP £5.75.

The brand sees the move as an opportunity to continue to capitalise on the “UK’s growing demand for Italian cuisine”, with the launch of the traditional Italian dessert just in time for summer.

Crosta & Mollica first entered the frozen desserts category at the start of 2022 with the successful launch of the classic frozen italian dessert, Tartufi, as well as Tiramisù, then later added Gelato to the range. Now expanding with Sorbetto Shells, Crosta & Mollica offers a lighter alternative to a classic scoop of ice cream or gelato. The fruit is scooped out and made into a smooth sorbet, then put back by hand into their original fruit shells. The Crosta & Mollica Sorbetto Shells simply contain smooth ice and fresh fruit purees, offering two flavours:

Lemon Sorbetto – Made with fresh juice from the ripest Sorrento lemons, grown in southeast Italy, the smooth sorbet is packed back into its yellow lemon shell for maximum style.

Pomegranate Sorbetto – Made with sweet and sour Sicilian pomegranates, harvested at maximum ripeness and sweetness to guarantee exceptional quality.

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