New Rexnord 1104 Series FlushTop MatTop Chain enhances run dry capabilities

Rexnord has announced the launch of its Rexnord 1104 FlushTop MatTop Chain for high-speed critical conveying, pressureless combiners and decombiners, and mass flow conveyor applications in the beverage and food industries.

The new conveyor chain is an upgrade for both Rexnord 1000 Series and System Plast 2250 FlatTop and FlushGrid chains.

The 1104 FlushTop combines the container stability benefits of the FlatTop surface with the cleanability of the FlushGrid chain, allowing users to run conveyance lines dry, saving both water and/or lubricant with proper cleaning. The 1104 belt features a low coefficient of friction capable of handling all container types, including aluminium cans, glass and PET bottles. The 1104 Series can simplify maintenance and inventory management and reduce the number of SKUs necessary for lines by providing the same functionality that previously required both FlatTop and FlushGrid surface tops.

These FlushTop chains can be installed in original industry standard conveyor setups using the new Rexnord 1100 Series Sprockets. The new sprockets feature a more robust design for improved product engagement and stability versus legacy Rexnord 1000 Series chains. The sprockets will also work with Rexnord 1040 and 1060 Series, allowing for consistent sprockets in connecting side-flexing areas.

Regal Rexnord is continuously developing solution-oriented innovations in conveyor chain and components to meet the increasing performance demands of high-speed and mass flow conveyors in the food and beverage industries,” said Chad Walker, the director of global product management for beverage conveying. “The new 1104 FlushTop is the latest of these innovations, offering increased performance characteristics while also simplifying customers’ lives with ease of maintenance and inventory management.”

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