Wacker launches Cavamax Foam Topping Powder for Asian cold beverage market

At this year’s Food Ingredients Asia, Wacker is showcasing its new Cavamax Foam Topping Powder, a cyclodextrin-based product with a ready-to-use formulation to create creamy foam toppings for cold drinks like tea, coffee and juice.

Currently, the product is only available in China and Southeast Asia.

FI Asia, ASEAN’s largest food and beverage ingredients event, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 20 to 22.#

In Asia, trendy cold beverages are booming. Consumers are looking for personalised experiences in their daily lives, while at the same
time demanding healthy choices to support their overall wellbeing.

Younger generations with an increasing amount of disposable income are asking for innovative products that reflect their new, individualised
lifestyle. As a result, the number of specialty tea and coffee shops is constantly on the rise, as is the market for “to go” and delivery

With the ready-to-use Cavamax Foam Topping Powder, Wacker is offering a new product to add value to these trends. The new
solution is based on Cavamax W6 cyclodextrin, which is derived from corn starch. Cavamax Foam Topping Powder creates a higher foam volume, while ensuring a creamy texture.

Wacker’s solution can enable long foam stability and boasts a fine homogenous pore structure. Thanks to the new product showcased at FI Asia, the foam toppings of cold beverages like tea, juice or coffee gain another valuable characteristic: a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Cavamax Foam Topping Powder is easy to store and is fat-, oil-, and dairy-free. It is easy to use and highly versatile for various drinks. It can be whipped simply by combining it with other liquids to create texture.

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