Ravenwood unveils two new machines for linerless labels at Labelexpo 2023

In Ravenwood’s most successful show to date, Ravenwood has unveiled two new machines on its bespoke built stand at this year’s Labelexpo with the all new Nobac 40 Vac along with the Nobac 1500.

Labelexpo 2023 has chartered new levels of success for Ravenwood with increased visitor attendance and more sales leads than ever before, the company said.

The Nobac 40 Vac flash labeller featured to a Nobac 5000A linerless applicator and demonstrated line speeds of 40 metres per minute. When comparing to its self-adhesive counterparts, the 40 Vac is considered to be a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. Various mountings are available for this machine and there is the option for a conventional beak apply system.

The Nobac 1500 also generated a great deal of interest. The linerless top and base labeller has been launched to replace similar self-adhesive labellers in the same class. The 1500 applies linerless labels in paper and plastic weights ranging from 100 – 200 gsm, across conventional MAP trays with no protrusion. The flexible 1500 can be linked to weigh-price labellers with the option of being supplied as a standalone top labeller or top and (or) base with an integral conveyor.

The star of the show was the Com500 Coater which was on ‘demo’ on the life-sized video wall. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this machine ‘makes’ linerless labels. Linerless is a specialist process that applies silicone and strips of hot melt adhesive to pre-printed labels, in key areas, resulting in label reels that are pressure sensitive and have no need for backing paper. Subsequently, these reels have 40% more labels per roll and require 40% less storage space. The absence of the liner means that the technology is highly sustainable with no requirement for landfill, incineration or recycling programmes.

Ravenwood also showcased the Nobac 5000A – automatic flagship linerless applicator and the Nobac Stacker – Ravenwood’s entry-level linerless cutting and stacking machine which is perfect for short label runs and manual label application.

Paul Beamish, Ravenwood’s managing director said the show proved to be a great platform to show off our new technologies which seemed to draw in the crowds. “Our new innovations have filled in certain ‘gaps’ in the linerless market,” he noted.

Beamish added: “When reflecting back to the 2019 show, many of our visitors were largely unaware of linerless but this year, they already knew about our technologies and wanted to find out more. Captured leads have soared by 172% when comparing to 2019 and feedback from the printers suggests that this is as a direct result of customer demand.

The shift toward linerless labels over self-adhesive is driven by a combination of factors, including sustainability, cost-efficiency, productivity gains, versatility, aesthetics, and regulatory compliance. As businesses and consumers increasingly prioritise these aspects, the popularity of linerless labels is expected to continue its upward trajectory.

Ravenwood’s stand at Labelexpo 2023 attracted printers and label converters from across the globe, but most were from Europe, Asia, South Africa and South America.

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