Qimarox introduces palletiser for frozen foods

Qimarox has expanded its product portfolio with a palletiser for frozen foods (IQF Products).

The Qimarox Highrunner HR8 palletiser is capable of stacking boxes of frozen foods into sturdy and stable pallets, even if they are not form-fixed or not fully filled. A pattern generator allows easy generation of new stacking patterns without the intervention of a software specialist.

Qimarox has addressed concerns around the quality of the boxes provided for the frozen food sector, which are far from being structurally stable. The weight of the frozen foods can cause the boxes to expand, which means they are no longer within the tolerances with which conventional palletising solutions work. And if the boxes are not filled to the maximum, they can collapse under the weight of the boxes above them. The result is product/packaging damage, unnecessary shrinkage leading to dissatisfied customers

Qimarox’s HR8 uses patented technology used to form pallet layers makes it possible to adjust the spacing between boxes to the nearest millimetre. As a result, all boxes of frozen products can be stacked without problems, even if they are not completely formable.

The palletiser also takes into account the ribs that give the boxes their strength. By placing the boxes with their ribs exactly on top of each other, the Qimarox HR8 prevents boxes that are not completely filled from collapsing since this part of the box is structurally robust. The result is a pallet so stable that wrapping the load requires less film than usual.

The Qimarox HR8 features a smart pattern generator that automatically generates stacking patterns based on the box size. This means that when using a new box format, no software specialist is needed to programme a new stacking pattern. All the operator has to do is select the desired stacking pattern. The HR8 does the rest and automatically translates the stacking pattern into instructions for the machine.

The Qimarox HR8 also has a modular design and is designed to be low maintenance.

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