The Delicious Desserts Company puts a spring in steps with caramelised biscuit Yum Yums

The Delicious Desserts Company has lunched caramelised biscuit Yum Yums in Tesco stores nationwide.

With summer around the corner, The Delicious Desserts Company aims to put a spring in consumers’ steps with the launch of the delectable and irresistible caramelised biscuit Yum Yums.

Each caramelised biscuit Yum Yum is handcrafted to combine the rich flavours of caramel fondant with the satisfying crunch of caramelised biscuit pieces, encased in a crispy pastry.

The caramelised biscuit Yum Yums are the latest creation by The Delicious Dessert Company chefs, who have been toiling away over their mixing bowls and melting pots to conjure up some new delights for people’s taste buds. The result is yet another creation in an ever-growing range. And as with all the existing and forthcoming products in its range, the Delicious Dessert Company remains committed to reinventing dessert classics for the more adventurous tastebuds of a younger generation.

This is backed up by national research for The Delicious Dessert Company, which revealed that 86% of young people felt many iconic British cakes had become dated, boring to eat – and needed an injection of more modern, exciting flavours. Caramel topped the desired taste sensations list (28%), followed by triple chocolate (21%), chocolate orange (20%) and strawberries and cream (19%).

The tasty Yum Yums originated in Holland, where they have historically been enjoyed as a festive treat. The Delicious Dessert Company is also reinventing this – with its new caramelised biscuit Yum Yums for Tesco available nationwide to enjoy as a delicious afternoon treat through the spring and summer months.

Claire Smith, head of insight at The Delicious Dessert Company noted that following a period of growth and diversification of the product range, the company is delighted to be taking its caramelised biscuit Yum Yums into Tesco stores nationwide this month.

“We have a busy period this spring and summer launching five products as we continue to evolve the The Delicious Dessert Company brand,” Smith said. “Over the last year we have spent time listening to customers, understanding more about the dessert flavours and product ideas that excite them – and our creative chefs have responded with innovative product ideas that will bring the joy of delicious desserts back for a new generation.”

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