Cablevey Conveyors’ mobile system for automated cleaning set to redefine standards

Cablevey Conveyors, operating as part of Automated Handling Solutions (AHS), has announced the launch of Cleanvey – a ground-breaking development in the automation of clean-in-place (CIP) processes for tubular drag conveyors.

Cleanvey is engineered to automate the CIP process, allowing for efficient, thorough cleaning of tubular drag conveyors, crucial in maintaining sanitary compliance and ensuring the safety of food products. Designed with integrated water line hook-ups and pre-programmed cleaning options, this mobile unit simplifies the cleaning process, enabling a technician to initiate a comprehensive cleaning cycle with just the press of a button.

Tailored to meet the industry’s demand for a more streamlined, less labour-intensive cleaning process, Cleanvey significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required for conveyor cleaning, offering a customisable, user-friendly approach that enhances productivity and minimises downtime. In addition to its cleaning capabilities, the solution offers advanced features such as optional sprayballs for targeted cleaning of residues and a sanitary blower that drastically reduces drying times, both further accelerating the readiness of conveyors for subsequent use.

Chris Brennan, director of engineering – AMP/AHS – said: “By automating the CIP process, we are not just improving efficiency, we are also enhancing the consistency and reliability of cleaning, which is vital for food safety. Cleanvey is designed to be easy to use, highly effective and adaptable to various cleaning needs, making it an essential tool for any food processing facility.”

Customer demonstrations will be available at the new AMP/AHS facility in Darwen, Blackburn-Lancs, from early Summer 2024.

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