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German dairy product manufacturer Goldsteig has installed the recently launched MasoSine Certa Sine pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group for the production of cream cheese. Here, the gentle handling of the Certa pump is ideal for transferring the sensitive cream used to manufacture mascarpone and delicate whey for ricotta, while its ease of cleaning makes for lower maintenance requirements.

“The pumping is an important stage of production, where due care and gentle handling matter most,” explains operations manager Günter Schlattl. “If the shearing forces are too high, then the binding – and thus the structure of the mixture – can be damaged. Ultimately, the final quality of the cream cheese will suffer, and for ricotta and mascarpone, the texture of the end product is essential.”

Certa is a new design of pump based on the proven sinusoidal positive displacement principle. It conveys the product more gently than other pump types; compared with rotary lobe pumps, for example, Certa delivers up to 50 per cent more gentle handling. As a result, the pump is especially well suited to shear sensitive fluids – such as cream at Goldsteig – or media containing large or delicate particles, with no loss to product integrity.


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