Induction sealing technology

ITW Pillar Technologies has announced the development of induction sealing coil technology designed with the capacity to seal nearly all containers with dispensing features.

The inFinity induction sealing coil is said to be the world’s first tunnel coil design with the built in capacity to seal 100% of all tunnel coil applications, including all double neck bottles and 80% of all induction cap sealing applications.

It is described to have a tool-less design, featuring knob adjustors or motorised adjustment. The induction coil is also said to dramatically reduce the number of coils and changeovers required on filling lines.

According to Brad Budde, induction cap sealing systems sales manager, “Customers had come to us asking for a solution for the lost productivity they experience due to the many sealing coil changeovers required for different SKUs. The inFinity coils provide an off the shelf solution for customers with tunnel coil applications, and a tremendous step change in productivity and efficiency.”

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