Amplify offers ‘in-between’ drink with non-alcoholic option

Amplify offers 'in-between' drink with non-alcoholic option

Drinking is becoming a hot topic amongst Gen Z. However, the focus has shifted from ‘who’s getting the shots in’, to a more mindful attitude around consumption levels. This generation is more health conscious than ever, which is why there is an increase in swapping every third drink for a non-alcoholic option. But does it really help curb the hangovers?

Hussain Abdeh, Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct says: “It is important to alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks. Alcohol works to dehydrate you, so you should make sure you are drinking plenty of water in between alcoholic beverages. Many people have been drinking less over the last 12 months due to pubs and bars being closed, and your body will not thank you for trying to make up for lost time now that these venues are allowed to reopen.”

Non-alcoholic spirit Amplify has recently launched a pre-mixed can, which means consumers can choose a non-alcoholic option without compromising on the fun, fizz, and flavour, as well as swerving any hangovers. It is also available as a distilled non-alcoholic spirit in a 500ml bottle.

Amplify is a distilled non-alcoholic, non-compromising alternative, which satisfies the tastes buds without the need for alcohol. It offers the full-bodied flavour of traditional spirits, using a blend of fragrant botanicals including juniper berries, coriander seeds, Angelica root, lemon peel, lemongrass, and ginseng root. Vibrant orange and citrus notes are added to create the ‘Zing and Zest’ flavour.

Amplify cans are available from and Amazon at RRP £6 for a trio pack and £18 for a case of 12 cans. Amplify bottle is available at Tesco at RRP £15 per bottle.

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