Mane’s exclusive survey reveals beef burger analogue preferences

A new, exclusive survey conducted for Mane by an independent research agency has revealed the key taste features that mostly drive consumers’ liking and preferences when it comes to plant-based burgers.

Six beef burger alternatives from the market and three Mane prototypes were blind-tasted by 248 consumers from the UK and France. This allowed Mane to get unbiased consumer feedback on product features such as colour, texture and aromatic profile. The survey uncovered the drivers explaining market products and Mane’s prototypes appealing. It also underlined how these drivers vary according to the country. “This research allowed us to understand main usages and uncover what drives consumer preference towards beef analogue products,” said Philippe Lavotte, business developer – plant-based.

“It also provided recommendations for plant-based burger brands to fine tune their products, if they would like to attract new consumers or sell their products abroad.”

The findings pointed out that British and French consumers have rather close preferences regarding texture and aromatic profile, despite different consumption habits. For instance, grilled and smoky flavours are favoured by consumers, both in the UK and France. Overall, the new survey provided key insights into consumer behaviour for purchasing beef burger alternatives. With such information, manufacturers will be able to develop more targeted strategies for their product ranges in order to better meet consumers’ needs and preferences.

“The results of this study have been highly valuable for our business,” said Philippe Lavotte. “This information will help us to better guide our R&D development and also to be more accurate in the proposals that we are creating for our customers in the UK and France”. Food companies ultimately need to be agile and meet ever-changing consumer demands, and this is especially true in the plant-based segment. That is why Mane strives to provide up-to-date research and advice that its customers can use to stay ahead of trends.

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