Ultra-efficient reverse osmosis technology halves water treatment energy consumption

Te-Tech Process Solutions will manufacture tha SAM50 reverse osmosis (RO) system featuring an energy recovery pressure exchanger that reduces energy consumption by over 50% compared to competing technologies.

RO has been the water treatment process of choice for the food and beverage industry for many years. Whether it’s process water – including brewing liquor reprofiling, soft drinks manufacturing, bottled water or food processing – or utilities water, reverse osmosis delivers high quality water. And with no hazardous chemicals during operation, RO satisfies all the requirements of HACCP. But conventional RO is traditionally energy intensive and, increasingly, expensive to operate.

The SAM50 technology was developed, over the past 10 years, by University of Birmingham spin out Salinity Solutions. SAM50 offers a small footprint, with modular units using standard 8” RO membrane cartridges and featuring “plug and play” installation.

“The SAM50 RO system is a game-changer for the food & beverage industry,” said Mike Froom, business development director, Te-Tech Process Solutions. “This technology offers unparalleled energy efficiency, helping companies reduce their environmental impact and operating costs. The system is modular and scalable and with high water recovery.”

The high recovery operation means up to 80% reduction in wastewater by comparison with conventional reverse osmosis plant. Ideal for the environment, for water conservation and for your bottom line.

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