Lindum Packaging helps Britain’s oldest brewer with sustainability credentials

Britain’s oldest brewer has improved its sustainability credentials by switching to a pallet wrap film with 30% recycled content.

The brewery runs 300 pubs across London and the South East and has a 400-year heritage. Having already made its product packaging more sustainable, the company wanted to find a pallet stretch film with recycled content and turned to Lindum Packaging for help.

Previous attempts to resolve the issue resulted in using films that would snap when used on high-speed wrapping machines. This in turn stopped the pallet wrapper from working and was causing issues with line downtime and production inefficiencies.

Lindum’s solution was recycled packaging in the form of its high-performance Carestretch 30% Recycled Nano film. In addition to the use of 30% recycled content, less total film weight per pallet was used. This meant it was a cost-neutral project which made it a win–win for the brewery.

Rick Sellars, sales manager at Lindum noted how all manufacturers and producers want stable pallets and secure goods during transport, so it’s important that the correct type and amount of pallet wrap is used.

“There’s also an increasing demand for sustainable plastic packaging – including pallet wrap with recycled content – and this is where our Carestretch range can provide real sustainable packaging solution,” Sellars explained. “The properties of our pre-stretched Carestretch film meant that not only is performance excellent, but less is needed for each pallet wrapped. We are very happy to raise a glass to the company’s success.”

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