Macsa id’s print and apply systems help olive and seed oil producer ensure compliance

Macsa id’s recent supply of its Integra modular software has helped olive and seed oil producer, Aceites Urzante strengthen its global logistics management process.

The manufacturer of high performance coding and marking equipment has also supplied Lineal idBlocks 4020 / 6020 print and apply systems to the Spanish business to ensure compliance with worldwide labelling regulations.

Founded in 1950, Aceites Urzante is a family-owned business located in the valley of the River Ebro, Navarre in Northern Spain. It started out in the olive trade and for more than 70 years  and today exports to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Due to this on-going global growth, Aceites Urzante was experiencing significant challenges across its distribution process, both domestically and internationally. The company had expanded to become the third and fifth biggest producer of olive oil and seed oils in Spain respectively. As a result, logistics management had become a major issue.

Macsa id recommended its compact, robust and reliable Lineal idBlocks 4020 / 6020 print and apply labelling systems together with Integra modular software to help control, manage and optimise Urzente’s five production lines.

Macsa id’s range of modular Lineal idBlocks print and apply labellers are ideal for operation in harsh environments. Each system boasts a lineal pneumatic cylinder that allows label application to different surface lengths with a stroke from 100mm up to 800mm. Application of labels can be made via contact on uneven surfaces or blowing.

The versatile models apply labels using a tamp applicator, which offers the benefit of different sized labels from a single solution, and are the go-to solutions for labelling different product faces such as top, side or bottom.

The idBlocks print and apply labellers can be seamlessly integrated with existing software and third party creation packages via OEM or Macsa id’s print engines including Zebra, SATO or Datamax.

The combination of Macsa id’s efficient print and apply labelling process together with Integra software helped to integrate Aceites Urzante’s distribution function and management network across all the products it manufactures and packs at its plant.

Macsa id’s labelling systems and software facilitated integrated management of the production process but also ensured compliance with specific labelling regulations in each of the 82 countries that sell Urzente oils, including translation into 24 languages.

The support of Macsa id’s coding and marking equipment has allowed Aceites Urzante to continue distributing its oil products on an international basis. This collaboration has helped to consolidate Aceites Urzante’s position in the industry, further demonstrating the effectiveness of Macsa id’s holistic approach to solving key business challenges.

Macsa id’s Integra software is a modular application for automated collection, management and optimization of the manufacturing process. The technology has enabled Aceites Urzante to control, manage and maximise the efficiency of its five production lines.

The Integra software is capable of streamlining the production line, improving performance and quality control, and managing the location of raw materials and finished products.

Macsa id’s Integra software comprises a range of different software modules including Integra Connect, Integra Efficiency, Integra Warehouse, Integra Vision, Integra Track and Trace, Integra Optima and Integranet 4.0. These facilitate anything from integration of different equipment and centralized management of coding, marking and labelling process to warehouse management and individual traceability of the supply chain.

The entire Macsa id Integra system at the Aceites Urzante facility is linked to Microsoft Dynamics Nav. This is management of ERP software which facilitates the handling of different administrative tasks within the plant. The software allows the integration of processes from different departments such as accounting, inventory management, purchasing, etc.

Aceites Urzante uses its ERP to control five production lines where both boxes and pallets are labelled by Macsa id Lineal idBlocks 4020 / 6020 Print and Apply systems.

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