Synergy Flavours launches gin and tequila flavours for alcoholic and lo-no

Synergy Flavours is launching new gin and tequila flavour ranges, suitable for both alcoholic and low- and no-alcoholic products.

Drawing on its 140-year beverage expertise, the new flavourings were created from detailed analytical insights and are part of Synergy’s growing spirit flavours portfolio, following the company’s launch of whiskey flavours in December 2023.

The gin range features six new gin flavourings, a complete negroni cocktail flavouring, and a crème de mure flavouring for gin bramble cocktails. To develop the gin flavourings, Synergy analysed four leading gins using gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and gas chromatography with flame ionisation detection (GC-FID) to identify and quantify their key aroma compounds.

The insight gathered was put to use by Synergy’s expert flavourists to develop the new range. Each flavouring and its corresponding aromas are mapped out on a flavour descriptor chart, which enables customers to select the right flavouring depending on the desired profile.

The negroni and crème de mure flavourings were based on bar-quality negroni and gin bramble cocktails developed by the application team, allowing Synergy to replicate the complex aromas in a single flavouring.

The tequila range offers two tequila flavourings to help manufacturers develop authentic tequila cocktails, plus a complete margarita flavouring. As with the gin cocktail flavourings, the margarita flavouring was developed based on a premium margarita cocktail created by Synergy’s application team. This flavouring layers the floral notes of tequila with the sour notes of Persian lime to offer a complete and balanced flavour. Also part of the range is a triple-sec flavouring, which can be used to accompany the margarita flavouring to deliver the desired level of orange notes in a cocktail.

Both flavour ranges are the result of Synergy’s extensive analysis into spirit flavour profiles, allowing manufacturers to deliver authentic gin and tequila flavours in beverages.

These flavours can be used either by themselves or in conjunction with other Synergy flavours and extracts, as demonstrated with Synergy’s Paloma application concept, which combines the new tequila flavour with grapefruit, gentian extract, and capsicum flavouring, to mimic the complex flavours that consumers expect from premium cocktails.

Vicky Berry, senior European business development manager at Synergy Flavours notes the addition of gin and tequila to the spirits flavours portfolio meets trends.

“Both spirits have very complex flavours which vary depending on how they’re developed, and this is an example where we’ve used analytical techniques to understand and emulate, so manufacturers have more choice when selecting gin or tequila profiles,” says Berry. “Not only can these flavours help manufacturers appeal to consumers looking for authentic spirit flavours in RTD alcohol products, but they also allow them to target the growing market for low- and no-alcohol. We’re looking forward to seeing how these new flavours are put to work by manufacturers, and seeing what kind of innovation comes from them.”

Synergy’s whiskey flavour range was recently introduced to the market, comprising of five whiskey flavours and an old-fashioned cocktail flavour, suitable for both alcoholic and low- and no-alcohol beverages, among other food and beverage applications.

This range has already expanded with a new 95:5 flavour that allows manufacturers to declare natural whiskey flavouring in a product. The whiskey, gin, and tequila flavourings are now available in Europe, and more spirit flavours are due to be unveiled later this year.

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