BGG unveils ambitious plans for global expansion on an international scale

BGG, which is based in China, and well established in the dietary supplement and cosmetics sectors is diversifying into the food sector.

One of China’s foremost suppliers of premium branded ingredients, has announced the establishment of a new global headquarters in Switzerland as part of a major restructuring plan.

Operating as BGG World, the HQ in Basel will be managed by newly appointed CEO Jürgen Nelis, supported by Thomas Adler, who joins as global commercial director to spearhead the company’s international corporate strategy.

The opening of the BGG World HQ represents a significant leap forward for BGG’s global expansion efforts.

The family-owned company, which is based in Beijing, is implementing a transformative plan to build on more than 25 years of continuous growth by fostering deeper relationships with its international customers and partners, while maintaining its strong production and R&D roots in China.

BGG World CEO Jürgen Nelis noted the realignment will leverage the market opportunities that exist for BGG’s technology platforms and diverse product portfolio.

“As we internationalise our organisational structure and operating model, we will be investing heavily in our commercial organisation,” Nelis said. “We are currently hiring several sales managers in Europe and the US, and by doing so we will more than double our customer-facing resources in these key markets. At the same time, BGG will continue to invest in its asset base and in human clinical trials for its core products.”

Mr Chunhua Li, the founder and principal shareholder of BGG, added: “We strongly believe that our three leading technology platforms – botanical extraction, enzymatic conversion, and micro-algae farming – combined with continuous investment in clinical trials, will provide our customers with high-value, sustainable business potential for the long-term future.”

Mr Kun Li, a major shareholder and the son of Mr Chunhua Li, shared this enthusiasm for BGG’s trajectory. “We are excited to take this logical next step to become the leading global producers of innovative natural ingredients that support human health and wellbeing,” he said.

Global commercial director Thomas Adler said: “This strategic overhaul underscores BGG World’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and global leadership in the natural ingredients sector, promising a future of sustained growth and international success.”

In line with its aggressive growth strategy, BGG World has also announced plans to diversify into the food ingredients sector, beginning with BGG’s existing stevia and liquorice extract solutions.

The company intends to broaden its product offerings further in the coming years, reinforcing its commitment to innovation in dietary supplements, cosmetics, and food ingredients.

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