Upgraded VMI Mixer proves a success for main UK bakery

Mathiesons, a leading supplier of stollen and chilled bakery cakes in the UK, has installed a new VMI Mixer to increase production and quality levels to supply major retailers.

The long-standing Scottish Bakery prides itself on its secret recipe for Stollen and distributes various delicious goods throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Beginning its journey in 1872, Scottish bakery, Mathiesons, is located in Larbert, Scotland, and is proud of being ranked the number one supplier of stollen throughout the UK, now employing 220 staff in seasonal times. Alongside its wealth of expertise, it is situated at the heart of Scotland’s central distribution network which allows it to serve as a key contributor to the own-brand offerings of major retailers.

Mathiesons thrives off its heritage in Scotland as a recognised well-known name and is better known as Edlers, renowned for its pastry cases, elsewhere throughout the UK. The once coffee shop business now solely focuses on its delightful products and has three manufacturing units – chilled goods, bakery/confectionery, and a dedicated nut production facility in which the VMI Mixer is now home to.

“After using a 12-year-old mixer, it was time for a replacement as the software was becoming outdated and parts were hard to source” says Nick Wills, managing director of Mathiesons. “Straight away we contacted EPP, and following multiple discussions and site visits, the EPP team recommended the SPI 400AV mixer from VMI. We were pleased with EPP’s efficiency & knowledge – from the moment we placed the order, to the timelines we were given, the team delivered.”

Mathiesons was thrilled by the swift and smooth installation process that EPP delivered. From the first day of engineering checks, to the second and third days being heavily based on training and documentation, even out of hours – EPP contributed significantly to a successful install process.

“We have had several installations in the past, and this was by far one of the best and most simplistic. From the moment it arrived at the factory, everything proceeded smoothly,” adds Willis. “The service and installations team worked with our engineers, and it was a joy. Which is not something you can often say, to be honest.”

The new machine has impressed the staff at Mathiesons. Coping well with the high-density dough, the VMI mixer is proving an impressive and reliable solution, the kneading is consistent and has seen the bakery improve production rates to 12 tonnes a week.

The upgraded mixer now completes a batch in a much shorter time whilst managing increased capacity with ease. The new VMI mixer is proving to be of benefit within the bakery and has been a great asset in ramping up production, especially during the seasonal months.

“We’re delighted Mathiesons is happy with the latest addition to its equipment range,” adds Ged, area sales manager at EPP. “The mixer’s gear driving mechanisms ensure it is trusted within the industry and we are always confident it’s the best product to fulfil customer’s needs.”

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