100-year celebrations

This year sees the 100-year anniversary of the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle. To celebrate this milestone, the company has turned to Ardagh Group to manufacture a limited edition 25cl aluminium bottle.

Ardagh’s specialist plant in Beaurepaire, France has applied its expertise for high definition, high resolution printing, with a series of striking designs on aluminium bottles that will appeal to the brand’s millions of fans as well as collectors. Germany, in particular, is playing a starring role, with ten individual designs each representing a decade of Coca-Cola advertising campaigns.

“We have been associated with some memorable limited edition Coca-Cola bottles over the past few years, and in wishing Coca Cola our very best wishes for this remarkable anniversary, we are very pleased that we were able to join forces in manufacturing this very special edition aluminium bottle for the European and Asian markets,” says Woep Möller, chief commercial officer at Ardagh Group’s metal division.

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