Omyafit product concept for instant drinks

Omya has developed a series of universal product concepts for effective energy management, including Omyafit, an instant drink in sachet portion packaging, based on vitamins, energy-boosting ingredients and multifunctional mineral carriers.

It combines several speciality ingredients from the exclusive distribution portfolio with Omya Calcipur, a highly concentrated and therefore highly efficient source of calcium fortification. The company’s expertise in mineral handling and unique processing technology are crucial in achieving the best possible results in terms of stability, nutrition and taste

Omya’s calcium carbonate acts as a multifunctional processing aid, providing good dispersion and anti-caking of the powder, and settling slowly to reduce sedimentation and improve mouthfeel. In addition, stabilisers and thickeners help to further control sedimentation by increasing viscosity.

The Omyafit food supplement contains 240mg calcium per 10g portion. This equates to 600mg natural calcium carbonate, offering 30% of the daily recommended intake and therefore allowing the nutritional claim “high in calcium”.

Fortified with several vitamins such as C, D, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid and the minerals zinc, iron, selenium and chromium, the beverage delivers the perfect blend of essential micronutrients. For an instant energy kick, it also contains taurine, L-tyrosine, guarana seed extract and caffeine. When mixed with 200ml cold water, the drink offers a refreshing raspberry flavour in just 27 calories, using alternative sweeteners like isomaltulose, steviol glycosides and sucralose. Fortified products such as this enable people to achieve their nutritional requirements without having to consume more calories.

The company is pleased to be able to support its customers with all-in-one solutions. Stefan Lander, vice president consumer goods, group sales & marketing at Omya, said: “Thanks to the versatility of calcium carbonate in addition to our extensive formulation expertise and wide-ranging ingredient distribution portfolio, we are able to develop holistic products that combine the advantages of easy processing with indulgence and a highly valuable nutritional profile.”

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